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Meleshkina A.I., Filippova I.N., Shastitko A.E. Empirical geographic market definition for antitrust: The case of the Russian cement market The Manager. 2022. Т.13. №6. С.15–29 29.12.2022
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Mikhail Yu. Andreyev, Andrey V. Polbin Monetary Policy for a Resource-Rich Economy and the Zero Lower Bound Ekonomicheskaya politika. 2022. Т.17. No.3. P.44–73 20.07.2022
Christopher J Gerry, Maria Kaneva Adapting to the Challenges of Chronic Non-communicable Diseases: Evidence from Russia Web of Science 2020, Q2 “Applied Research in Quality of Life” 16.07.2020
Ivan Lyubimov Russia’s diversification prospects Russian Journal of Economics. 2019. No.5(2). P.177–198 06.08.2019
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Alexey Kudrin, Alexander Knobel Russian budget structure efficiency: Empirical study Russian Journal of Economics. 2018. No.4(3). P.197-214 13.02.2019
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Andriy Bodnaruk, Bekhan Chokaev, and Andrei Simonov Downside Risk Timing by Mutual Funds Midwest Finance Association, 2015 24.06.2015
P. Kadochnikov External Determinants of the Russian Federation's Monetary Policy Problems of Economic Transition. A Journal of Translations from Russian. May 2004. Exchange-Rate and Monetary Policies in Russia 11.10.2004
According to an IET expert, the RF Government overstates the forecast of GDP growth in the budget for year 2005 15.09.2004  
According to IET, in 2004 it is expected that inflation in the RF will be at 10.6 per cent, and GDP growth at 7 to 7.5 per cent 15.09.2004  
Yegor Gaidar Russia's Economic and Political Situation between the Parliamntary and Presidential Elections Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 27.01.2004  
Yegor Gaidar Former PM decries Russian nationalism The Washington Times 27.01.2004  
Jan Kalicki Eugene Lawson Russian-Eurasian Renaissance?: U.S. Trade and Investment in Russia and Eurasia Woodrow Wilson Center Press / Stanford University Press 16.10.2003  
The aggregate index of leading indicators of the Russia’s economy increased by 0.4 points in June 11.08.2003  
E. Vatolkin E. Liuboshits E. Khrustalev V. Tsymbal Reform of Military Recruitment in Russia Problems of Economic Transition, vol 46, nos. 2/3, June/July 2003 01.07.2003
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Ye. Gaidar Gaidar bullish on Russia's prospects Business & Economics Desk 25.06.2002  
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