Reform of Military Recruitment in Russia

Publication date
Tuesday, 01.07.2003

E. Vatolkin E. Liuboshits E. Khrustalev V. Tsymbal

Problems of Economic Transition, vol 46, nos. 2/3, June/July 2003

This article focuses on the problem of radically transforming the system of recruiting enlisted men for the Russian military establishment. It outlines the concept of such reform and various options for implementing it. A methodology has been developed for scientific analysis of the reform. On the basis of expert estimates and financial and economic calculations done for each option, the optimum version of the reform is determined. The role of the proposed policy and its place in the overall strategy of military reform are shown.
This article offers readers a view into one of the most urgent problems of military reform in Russia—a debate that has unfolded primarily in the mass media, without the benefit of scientific analysis of the options being discussed for reform of the Russian army.



Editor's Introduction Military Reform in Russia: From Conscripts to Contracts BEN SLAY Reform of Military Recruitment in Russia E. VATOLKIN, E. LIUBOSHITS, E. KHRUSTALEV, AND V. TSYMBAL

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