The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees carries out supervision over compliance by the Gaidar Institute with its statutory goals and the legislation of the Russian Federation.

After approval of the new version of the Institute’s charter (2010), the first composition of the Board of Trustees was formed by the Scientific Council of the Gaidar Institute.

The Board of Trustees includes German Gref, Аleksey Kudrin and Ksenia Yudaeva.

In future, decisions on inclusion into the Board of Trustees of new members are taken by the Board of Trustees, while candidates can be nominated both by the Institute’s Board of Trustees and Scientific Council.

The powers of the Board of Trustees are not limited by a time period.

The Board of Trustees is convened as often as required, but no less frequently than once in a quarter.

The competence of the Board of Trustees includes the following:
• supervision over the Gaidar Institute’s activities;
• reviewing of the draft of the Institute’s R&D plan for the next year;
• finalizing for approval by the Scientific Council of the annual report on the Gaidar Institute’s activities;
• development and introduction of proposals on upgrading of the Institute’s activities;
• attraction of additional sources of funding for development of the Institute.

The Board of Trustees has the right to convene an extraordinary meeting of the Scientific Council or the Board of Directors and invite the Institute’s officials to its meetings to report on issues related to the Institute’s activities.