IEP Educational Activities

In 1998, the Institute for the Economy in Transition started a not-for-profit project aimed at training of the new generation of economists on the base of the Moscow Physico-Technical Institute (Russ. abbr. MFTI) “Economic Education of the 21st Century.” In order to organize the system of new economic education, the MFTI department of general and applied physics established the chair of systemic analysis of the economy headed by academician R. M. Entov, an IEP chief research officer. Together with the Higher School for Economics, IEP has organized the training of economists, selected among students studying physics, in the framework of their further education for master degree. The graduates obtain not only a MFTI degree, but also a degree in economics from the Higher School for Economics.

The program aims at the transition of cooperation between IEP and MFTI, as well as a number of other partner organizations (the Russian School of Economics, the Higher School for Economics, the department of economics of the Moscow State Lomonosov University, and some others) at a much higher qualitative level. The supreme managing authority of the project is the Board of Guardians formed from well known academic and public figures. The direct coordination of the work is performed by Dr. Ye. Gaidar, the IEP director.

In 2000, in the State University – the Higher School of Economics, there was established the Chair of economy in transition, headed by Dr. Ye. Gaidar. The Chair focuses its activities on the systemic analysis of economies in transition and generalization of practical experience accumulated in the process of work on real data and models.

Since 1998, IEP has had its postgraduate department. Among the lecturers of the department are the leading IEP experts, additional lectures and seminars are conducted by heads of state agencies.

IEP organizes seminars, round tables, lectures, and international conferences on the regularly basis.

The national economic paper competition
Institute for the Economy in Transition holds the annual national economic paper competition. The competition is open for graduates of Russian higher education establishments and departments studying economics.

IEP Annual awards
In an effort to promote economic reform in Russia, since 1998 the Board of Directors of IEP has established annual awards for distinguished Russians: the Adam Smith Prize for advocating economic freedom in the country and the Alexander II Medal for the great personal contribution to implementation of economic reform.