On December 11, 2019, Stepan Zemtsov, Senior Researcher, Innovation Economics Department, took part in the scientific-theoretical seminar organized by Center for comparative socio-economic and political studies of the RAS Institute of World Economy and International Relations dedicated to “Buildup of a new social landscape in the age of digitalization”.
Stepan Zemtsov delivered a presentation “Consequences of digital transformation of the labor market in Russia”. Expert highlighted principal trends of the possible adaptation of labor markets to potential risks of digitalization: requirement to increase share of STEAM-education at universities, support of employment in new sectors, information technologies, in particular, growth of entrepreneurial activity among households. Adaptation opportunities are strongly restricted by institutional conditions especially in a number of regions experiencing the most unfavorable investment climate.


Elena Sadovaya, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Head of Department for Complex Socio-Economic research, IMEMO RAS; Prof. Tatiana Razumova, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Chair of labor and personnel department of the economic faculty, MSU named after M.V. Lomonosov; Prof. Tatiana Chubarova, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Head of the Center for the Economic Theory of the Social Sector, Institute of Economics, RAS, presented their reports.

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