Investment Risks in Russia's Regions: Political and Legal Origins

Publication date
Friday, 29.11.2002

V. Mau, S. Javoronkov, O. Fomitchev, K. Yanovskiy, Paul Hobson, Lew Lederman


The study focuses on different approaches to the determination of origins of political and law investment risks and respective factors of economic growth. It is supposed to extend the approach based on singling out only economic freedoms and guarantees of ownership, and include indicators reflecting the situation concerning the basic rights, first of all related to the guarantees of inviolability of person and the populace's demand on these institutions.

Defining the problem 4
Literature Review 4
Data 6
Models 7
Evaluating the influence of political and legal risks on the investment climate: a model 8
Description of variables 8
Independent variables 8
Dependent variables 12
Principal results 15
Conclusions and avenues of further research 26
Bibliography 29
Annex 29
Annex 1. Regional Barriers in 2001 29
Annex 2. Canadian Insights and Perspectives 34
Annex 3. Regions Rating (Small Business development anticipated level) 58
Annex 4. Bills (draft laws) package 60
Annex 5. Political and economic situation in Irkutsk oblast 66
Annex 6. Political and economic situation in Tver oblast 76
Annex 7. Political and economic situation in Yamalo-Nenets autonomous okrug 84


Investment Risks in Russia's Regions: Political and Legal Origins. Moscow, 2002
Authors: Russian team: V.Mau, S.Javoronkov, O.Fomitchev, K.Yanovskiy Canadian team: Paul Hobson, Lew Lederman
Editor: N. Glavatskaya
Page setting V. Yudichev

ISBN 5-93255-089-9

The research and the publication were undertaken in the framework of CEPRA (Consortium for Economic Policy, Research and Advice) project funded by the Canadian Agency for International Development (CIDA).

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