Trip of the Executive Director of IET in Kostroma region

From 27 to 29 January 2009, the Executive Director of IET, Ph.D. S.V. Prikhodko was in business trip in Kostroma region (Russia, Kostroma). The presentation of the results of the first phase of the study of the revenue base of the regional budget of the Kostroma region to the Budget Commission under the Administration of the Kostroma region headed by the Director of the Finance Department of the Kostroma region А.А. Kamkin was the goal of the trip.

The following directions of studies have been described in the report in details: analysis of the efficiency of formation of incomes of the budget of the Kostroma region (analysis and systematization of the data of tax, statistical and budgetary reporting, estimation of efficiency of management of property and land plots, analysis of the effectiveness of implemented in the field of investment projects); analysis of the legislation of the Kostroma region (tax, budget, investment); assessment of the scale of the shadow sector and the tax capacity of the Kostroma region (analysis of international and national approaches to the estimation of the shadow economy, evaluation of fiscal capacity, market research alcohol products, analysis of measures to legalize wages). The results of this work were discussed by the participants of the Budgetary Commission under the Administration of the Kostroma region and were found to be satisfactory.