Stepan Zemtsov, Senior researcher, Innovation Economics Department, spoke at International Forum on sustainable development “Common future”.
UN Sustainable Development Goals were discussed in the course of the Forum, held for the first time in Moscow on November 25. Stepan Zemtsov spoke in a section on economic growth and employment. In his report “New Technologies and Social Risks of the Economy Digital Transformation in Russia,” he spoke about factors and risks of development of the digital economy.

According to expert, "Scenario of the digital transformation of employment, eventual under full implementation of national projects in Russia, will require retraining of millions of specialists”. “At the same time, there are current significant restrictions in place on introduction of robots and digital technologies in Russia”.

According to economist, these are economic (expensive, many mistakes, cheap labor including migrants), social (people are not ready to communicate with robots), legal (unprepared legislation) and political (high unemployment, falling living standards etc.) restrictions. They affect decline in the competitiveness of the Russian economy: the level of automation in Russia is several times lower than the global average.

Concluding his presentation, speaker pointed out that adaptation strategies towards digital transformation of economy are at-large required in Russia. Stepan Zemtsov concluded: "In addition, everybody has to develop their social intelligence, flexibility, entrepreneurial talents and ability to learn fast and constantly".