Sergei Tsukhlo Took Part in Debates on the State of the Real Sector

On 20 October, Sergei Tsukhlo, Head of the Business Surveys Department took part in the meeting on Economic Policy Centers of the Dispute Club of the Association of Russian Economic Think-Tanks (ARETT). The meeting was dedicated to the topic: The State of the Real Sector: When Does Growth Begin?

Participants discussed the following issues:

  • Which positive and negative signals specific to the current economic situation in the real sector can be observed amid the economic recession which lasted for over two years and subsequent stagnation?
  • Are there prerequisites for a quick renewal of investment growth as a condition for growth in exports and import substitution?
  • When is formation of a new growth/development mechanism feasible and what are the main components thereof?
  • What should the state policy for growth promotion be like?