Sergey Tsukhlo spoke at the V International Forum of the Financial University “How to break into the top five”

On November 29, Sergey Tsukhlo, Head of Business Surveys Department, delivered a presentation “Industrial Business Climate” at the Discussion Club “Economy of growth: populism or a chance for Russia?” held under V International Forum “How to break into the top five” of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

According to speaker, industry has smoothly entered and undergone official “crisis” of 2015–2016, which was only a follow up of stagnation commenced in 2012. Enterprises did not experience any crisis discomfort in 2015–2016, rather on the contrary.
Coping with negative vibes of the previous year rather than with crisis commenced in 2017 and stopped in 2018. Industry became upset by this fact. According to results of enquires, at the end of November enterprises did not consider the prospects that overcoming of stagnation will continue.

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