Politicheskaya ekonomiya Nikolaya Zibera. Antologiya

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Ed. by F. Allison, D. Raskov and L. Shirokorad

Political economy Nicholas Sieber. Anthology

Moscow, Gaidar Institute Press; Saint-Peterburg: Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, SPbSU, 2022. – 480 p. – ("New economic thinking" series).

ISBN 978‑5‑93255‑624‑5

Nikolai Ivanovich Sieber (1844-1888) was a popularizer of Ricardo and Marx, who became a Marxist even before the advent of Marxism, a connoisseur of primitive economic culture, who anticipated economic anthropology, a critic of marginalism before its triumph. The anthology presents texts from different years about Sieber's biography and theoretical legacy, rare archival materials and letters are published. The authors of the anthology express the hope that the collection will form a basis on which it is possible to evaluate Sieber's contribution to political economy, Marxism, economic anthropology in a new way, as well as to reconstruct various contexts of that era faster and more clearly. The book is addressed to everyone who is interested in intellectual history, the history of economic thought, Marxism and biographies.