The Cambridge History of Capitalism. Vol. 2. The Spread of Capitalism: From 1848 to the Present

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Ed. by Larry Neal and Jeffrey G. Williamson

Translated to Russian by A. Gusev; under scientific editing by D. Shestakov. Moscow: Gaidar Institute Press, 2021. – 768 p.

ISBN 978-5-93255-607-8

The second volume of The Cambridge History of Capitalism provides an authoritative overview of how capitalism spread around the world, how it affected countries and peoples, and how diverse were the reactions to it. The broad geographical scope and comparative approach allowed a team of leading experts to identify the global implications of capitalism for industry, agriculture, and trade, along with the responses of governments, firms, and markets. The authors show how the First World War stopped the spread of global capitalism, but by the end of the XX century, it had once again risen to full growth. Scientists reveal the various consequences that the actions of the labor movement and political regimes caused by capitalism have led to in the military-political sphere and in the sphere of welfare. Although in the end its influence was beneficial, the process of development and spread of capitalism did not proceed smoothly. This edition, the most comprehensive among the existing ones, is of interest to historians, economists and specialists in the field of political science.