Briefe 1925 bis 1975 Und andere Zeugnisse

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Hannah Arendt, Martin Heidegger

Letters 1925 to 1975 and other Testimonies

Translated to Russian by A. Grigoryev. Moscow, Gaidar Institute Press, 2015. – 456 p.

ISBN 978‑5‑93255‑429‑6

The names of Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt need no explanation, they have long been included in the Pantheon of world philosophical thought. All the more interesting is the biographical detail that connected these two people. Their relationship went beyond teacher-student contacts (H. Arendt was a student of M. Heidegger at the University of Marburg). The romance, which lasted 4 years (from 1925), developed into a friendship that withstood a huge temporary break (until 1950). Hannah Arendt retained a warm friendship for the philosopher to the end of her life and exerted all her strength, all her energy, to clear the name of Martin Heidegger of charges of complicity with Nazism. The correspondence of two prominent thinkers became available to the reading audience in 1998, when the first edition of the collection of letters prepared by the German researcher Ursula Ludz was published.

Translated from the third edition of 2002.