The Philosophy of Economics. An Anthology / Ed. by Daniel M. Hausman

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Translated to Russian by N. Avtonomova, I. Boldyreva, Yu. Kapturevsky, P. Klyukina, M. Levina, A. Fofonova, M. Sherstneva. Moscow, Gaidar Institute Press, 2012. – 520 p.

ISBN 978-5-93255-347-3

An anthology of works on the philosophy of economics, including classic texts and essays exploring specific branches and schools of economics. Completely revamped, this text contains new selections, a revised introduction and bibliography bringing this volume up to date. The volume contains 26 chapters organized into five parts: (I) Classic Discussions, (II) Positivist and Popperian Views, (III) Ideology and Normative Economics, (IV) Branches and Schools of Economics and Their Methodological Problems and (V) New Directions in Economic Methodology. It includes crucial historical contributions by figures such as Mill, Marx, Weber, Robbins, Knight, and Veblen and works by most of the leading contemporary figures writing on economic methodology, including five Nobel Laureates in Economics.