Contours of the World Economy, 1–2030ad: Essays in Macro-Economic History

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Angus Maddison

Translated to Russian by Yu. Kapturevsky; under editing by O. Filatocheva. Moscow, Gaidar Institute Press, 2012. – 584 p.

ISBN 978-5-93255-350-3

This book seeks to identify the forces which explain how and why some parts of the world have grown rich and others have lagged behind. Encompassing 2000 years of history, Part 1begins with the Roman Empire and explores the key factors that have influenced economic development in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe. Part 2 covers the development of macroeconomic tools of analysis from the 17th century to the present. Part 3 looks to the future and considers what the shape of the world economy might be in 2030.

Combining both the close quantitative analysis with a more qualitative approach that takes into account the complexity of the forces at work, Contours of the World Economy provides students with a totally fascinating overview of world economic history.