“Online Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook” released, №5 (March) 2015

5th issue of "Online Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook. Trends and challenges of socio-economic development" has come out. This is an analytical review which aims at monitoring currents trends and shifts in the Russian economy.

Main topics of the issue: Between inflation and recession: the Bank of Russia Банк России gave the industry a symbolic point; Anti-recessionary budget: the government will support consumption, defense and state apparatus; Industrial contraction: worse than we want, better than it looks; Fast contraction of consumer market – principal threat to production; Business surveys: import substitution will face tough constraints; Discrepancies of statistics in crisis: salaries contracted, but income has not.

The monitoring is drafted by the experts of the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, and the Russian Foreign Trade Academy.