On Growth in the Оutput of the Military-Industrial Complex

According to RIA Novosti, on October 2 Dmitri Rogozin, Vice Premier of the Russian Federation said at the Russia Calling Forum that "in 2015 the industrial output of the military and industrial complex in general will grow by 80% (as compared to 2011) and in 2020, by 50% (as compared to 2015). ..".
 Simple calculations showed that  with taking into account the fulfilled volume of the state defense procurement in 2011 (Rb 721.2bn) the current  state armament program  till 2020 estimated at Rb 20 trillion can be fulfilled maximum by two-thirds at the output growth rates of the military-defense complex Vice Premier D. Rogozin spoke about. A complete fulfillment of the program can be achieved with export of arms stopped and volumes of arms in short supply purchased from abroad. The above is confirmed by a statement made by D. Rogozin at the same Forum as regards distribution of the output of the military-industrial complex: about 45% of the output is meant for the domestic military consumption, nearly 22% for the military export and over 33% for civil purposes.

There is something wrong in the plans of the Russian military-industrial complex as even arithmetic leaves much to be desired …

V.B. Zatsepin, PhD (military science), Head of the Economics of the Military-Industrial Sector Department