Natalia Kornienko Took Part in Discussion of Issues related to Real-Property Economics

On 4 October, Natalia Kornienko, Head of the Tax System Development Department took part in the meeting of the Committee on Entrepreneurship in the Field of Real-Property Economics of the RF Chamber of Trade and Commerce.

The meeting was dedicated to the topic: Taxation of Residential Housing – Institutional, Administrative, Technical, Economic and Other Conditions Required for Actualization of the Individual Property Tax as Regards Residential Property.

The following issues were discussed at the meeting:

  1. Institutional, administrative and technical conditions and the prospects of actualization of the individual property tax as regards residential property;
  2. Cadastral and technical accounting of residential property units as the basis for formation of quality input data on real property units. The issues related to verification of the data on real property projects between different information systems (different information holders) at all the stages of the life cycle. The latest changes in the legislation on appraisal activities as regards establishment in constituent entities of independent information systems maintaining the data on real-property units for taxation purposes;
  3. A 3D description of the properties of a real-property unit. Technological solutions. 3D-cadaster;
  4. The prospects of establishment of a legal regime of unified real property unit. Proposals of the RF Ministry of Economic Development;
  5. Institutionalization of a unified residential real-property unit both as legal relations object and legal subject in the status of the consolidated co-owner of residential property complex in a multiple-dwelling, low-rise and cottage real property in which common property is created;
  6. Utilization of housing and public utilities state information system as a technological basis for formation of the unified system of input data on residential real property units;
  7. Incentive tax mechanisms which ensure quick renovation of residential housing property and utilities infrastructure.