Modeling monetary demand in the Russian economy over 1999–2008 (press-release)

The IET's press-office informs of a new work entitled “Modeling monetary demand in the Russian economy over 1999–2008” by S. Drobyshevsky, G. Kuzmicheva, E. Sinelnikova, P. Trunin and edited by Dr. of Economics, S. Sinelnikov-Murylev was published under the series "Research Papers" (No. 136). 


The study is dedicated to the search of the factors affecting monetary demand in Russia, and the analysis of the achieved stability level in monetary demand. The analysis of the monetary demand in Russia is made with the help of dynamic least-squares method, allowing to obtain statistically adequate estimates from relatively small sampling observations. Analysis of the core inflation indicators in the RF demonstrates an explicit monetary nature of inflation in the Russian economy.

The publication of the present paper was sponsored with the grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).