Mikhail Khromov: every employee should have the right to receive his wages on the card of a bank that he is comfortable with

On April 10, Mikhail Khromov, Head of Financial Studies Department, Real Sector “Macroeconomics and Finances” of the Gaidar Institute, took part in the program “Business Day” at the RBC-TV Channell.
The proposal of  Central Bank to transfer salaries of employees by telephone number using the system of fast payments was discussed in the course of the program. According to the regulator, this will allow to quit with the so-called “wage slavery”.

Replying to a question on existing issues raised by moderator, Mikhail Khromov said: “Indeed, a consumer who receives salaries at a designated bank feels tied up with it. He has to take special measures in order to transfer money to the bank that he is comfortable with”. According to Mr. Khromov, this is not a problem for financially intelligent person. If he could go and choose a bank offering any comfortable or profitable terms on card or credit products, then it would not be a real issue to perform any kind of transfers. Others have been forced to withdraw cash using ATM and transfer it to a suitable bank. «However, in any case, this is a matter of employees’ comfort. Mikhail Khromov pointed out: “Banks developing retail products and focusing on cards, for example, credit cards, may suggest attractive terms for credit cards but are not able to take care of payroll card program because they are targeting  an intelligent user. Use of fast payments system for transfer of salaries may facilitate the implementation of employees’ right to receive their salaries on their account in any bank.