Issues of Interbudgetary Relations in Russia (Research Papers No. 159)

A new work of Gaidar Institut entitled “Issues of Interbudgetary Relations in Russia” was published under the series “Research Papers” (No. 159). Authors: Mamedov A.A., Nazarov V.S., Siluanov A.G., Alaev A.A., Zarubin A.V.

The authors analyzed prospective ways of reforming interbudgetary relations between the Federation and the regions in Russia. The authors formulated recommendations on ranking anti-crisis measures aimed at fi nancial support of sub national budgets in short term perspective. They also worked out recommendations on the adapting the system of allocation of interbudgetary transfers to the cyclical development in medium and long term perspective. The authors studied a number of issues related to the reform of interbudgetary relations, which are not directly related to the federal anti-crisis policy.