Irina Starodubrovskaya Took Part in the Scientific Seminar on North Caucasus

On September 13, Irina Starodubrovskaya, Head of the Center for Political Economy and Regional Development of the Gaidar Institute took part in a new seminar “The Caucasus in the Past and at Present (Society, Policy, Economy and Culture)" which was held at the Moscow University for International Relations  (MGIMO).

At the meeting, an Islamic component in the relations between men and women in North Caucasus was discussed. According to Irina Starodubrovskaya, in response to the growing role of Islam a trend of higher emancipation of girls has been observed.  

“There is an interesting trend of higher emancipation of girls and women due to the growing role of Islam. Take a look of social networks and pages of young Moslem parents. Their passionate attitude to daughters is explicitly different fr om the traditionally restrained one. They call their daughters ‘princesses’. It is difficult to say what the situation is going to be like when ‘princesses’ grow up”, the expert explained.

The participants discussed among other things the developments in Myanmar. “At present, it is difficult to forecast wh ere it may happen next time”, Irina Starodubrovskaya said.

According to the expert, it is impossible to say definitely what the Caucasian society is going to be like when ‘present “children’ grow up and Salafism becomes the ideology of the older generation”.