Irina Dezhina delivered a lecture on the evolution of Russian science policy

On June 20, Irina Dezhina, leading researcher of Social Services Department of the Gaidar Institute, presented a guest lecture “Evolution of the Russian science policy” for participants of the project “Key researchers’ school in the region of Tomsk”.

Results of the implementation of a science policy in the post-Soviet period with a view to financial, human resources, organizational and disciplinary structure as well as results of the scientific research were enlightened in the course of a one - hour lecture for future leaders of the scientific projects. The second aspect concerned the analysis of political measures on strengthening science in the higher educational institutions, on interim results of the reform of Russian Academy of sciences, development of mobility and fostering of publishing activity of Russian scientists. It was demonstrated that despite a high number of institutional and economic changes the processes of adaptation towards a new, quasi-market operation model were very slow and challenging.