Gaidar Readings – third day

On 12 November 2010 third round of Gaidar Readings was held which was co-hosted by Gaidar Institute and Egor Gaidar Foundation.

Third round consisted on two panel sessions. The morning session was about “Fiscal Policy During the Crisis Period”. The session as monitored by the Research Director of Gaidar Institute, S.G. Sinelnikov-Murylev. Key speakers were: First deputy Minister of Finance of RF S.D. Shatalov and the Head of  Economic Expert Group Е.Т. Gurvich.
Discussants were: I.А. Sokolov (Gaidar Institute), А.G. Коndrashov (Ernst & Young), G.V. Кurliandskaya (Center of Fiscal Policy) and I.N. Savchenko (Administration of Voronezh oblast).

Second session was about “Social Policy and Sustainable Economic Growth”. The session was opened and monitored by the President of Center for Strategic Research  М.E. Dmitriev.

Presentations were made by: S.G. Misihina (ANE), S.А. Belanovskiy (CSR), А.К. Soloviev (RPF), Yu.Z. Lublin (National Association of non-state pension funds), D.V. Pomazkin (Gazfond), Т.L. Kliachko (АNE).