Gaidar Institute experts discussed issues of commercial property taxation

On 14 April, Natalia Kornienko, head of the Tax System Development Department, participated in the meeting of the Committee on entrepreneurship in the sphere of economy and real estate of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

The meeting was on "Taxation of Commercial Property with Application of New rules of Determination of Tax Base as Cadastral Value: impact on business, review of current practice, prospects". The following issue were discussed:

• Taxation of commercial property on the basis of cadaster value: analysis of tax burden growth on business, effect on the lease rate;
• Accuracy of the cadaster value. Ratio between cadaster and market price of property;
• Cadaster value contest of commercial property. Current legal precedents.

The meeting also attended experts of the Tax System Development Department: senior researcher, Anna Volchek and junior researcher, Ekaterina Shpigar.