Competition “Ideological and Theoretical heritage of Egor Gaidar in the Sphere of Economics and Social Sciences”

Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy and Egor Gaidar Foundation announce competition for research works on scientific heritage of Egor Gaidar in the sphere of economics and social sciences.

The contest is held in three categories:

1.    “Monograph” (from 5 signatures);
2.    “Scientific article” (article or chapters in a composite work, 2-3 signatures);
3.    “Essay” (1 signature).

Grants will be awarded as a result of the contest:

– 2 monographs – 300,000 Rubles each;
– 4 articles – 100,000 Rubles each;
– 5 magazine articles – 40,000 Rubles each.

Organizing committee of the contest proposes the following research topics:

1. Egor Gaidar’s legacy.
2. Urgent issues of contemporary and future development of Russia.
3. Urgent issues and prospects of development of certain countries, regions and the world as a whole..

Applications to the contest

To submit to the Organizing committee in the volume of up to 10 pages of text of standard format for the participation in the contest in the category “Monograph”, up to 5 pages – “Scientific article” and up to 1 page of text – “Essay”.

Registration of applications will be in electronic format at the address:

Egor Gaidar Foundation site: => tab «Projects» => Contest theoretical heritage of Egor Gaidar => Registration of application

Application must include:
1. Subject, research idea;  
2. Timeliness, originality, objectives, tasks, conclusions, expected results;
3. Detailed thesis in the corresponding volume.
4. Author’s data:
   •    Full name;
   •    Place of work;
   •    Position;
   •    Home address;
   •    Telephone;
   •    e-mail.

Deadline for applications is 30 June 2011.

Results of the contest will be announced not later than 1 October 2011.

Monographs should be submitted in a year, research articles – 6 months, essays – 4 months after the contest results announcement. 

Contest organizing committee:

Yasin Evgeniy Grigorievich (Academic Supervisor, National Research University Higher School of Economics)

Mau Vladimir Alexandrovich (Rector Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration)

1.    Drobyshevsky Sergey Mikhailovich (Director of Center, Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy);
2.    Kadochnikov Pavel Anatolievich (Prorector, Russian Foreign Trade Academy);
3.    Kolesnikov Andrey Vladimirovich (Journalist);
4.    Radygin Alexander Dmitrievich (Member of the Board of Directors, Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy);
5.    Sinelnikov-Murylev Sergey Germanovich (Rector, Russian Foreign Trade Academy);
6.    Starodubrovsky Victor Georgievich (Principal research fellow, Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy);
7.    Prikhodko Sergey Vadimovich (Executive Director, Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy);
8.    Tomchin Grigoriy Alekseevich (President, Russian Association of Privatized and Private Enterprises);
9.    Urinson Yakov Moiseevich (Deputy General Director, Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies);
10.    Entov Revold Mikhailovich (Full member of RAS, Chairman of Department, Institute of Worl Economy and International Relations);
11.    Yaroshenko Viktor Afanasievich (Editor in Chief of journal “Vestnik Evropy”).

Please feel free to contact on all issues to the Organizing committee:

125993 Moscow, Gazenty per., 5, Gaidar Institute.

Phone: (495) 629-94-64

e-mail: (Balycheva Ekaterina Evgenievna).