Anna Kiyutsevskaya took part in the V International Forum of the Financial University

On November 28, 2018, Anna Kiyutsevskaya took part in the round table “Foreign policy risks of the economic development of Russia in 2020-s” in the course of the V International forum “How to break into the top five” held by the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

In the course of discussion, experts tackled issues related to foreign policy priorities as well as political and economic risks of the socio-economic development of Russia.
In her presentation “Risk Premium in Russia: country and global factors”, Anna Kiyutsevskaya focused on specifics and determinants of the Risk Premium in Russia and explained that for its evaluation it is reasonable to use Credit – Default (CDS) spread. She paid attention not only to its dependence on global financial market but also to evaluation of the impact of decisions taken by rating agencies.