Vera Baranova: “Russia will prolong business support measures in 2022”

Vera Barinova, Head of the Innovation-Driven Economy Department, Gaidar Institute told the IА REGNUM that the RF Government was expected to prolong business support measures to SME in 2022.

“As the pandemic affected mostly SME, they are the main beneficiaries of government support. In the previous package of anti-crisis measures, wage subsidies were particularly highly sought: according to the data of the RF Ministry of Economic Development, 18% and 21% of the surveyed companies applied for wage subsidies and took advantage of reduced insurance contributions, respectively. We should expect something like that. It is believed that support measures are going to be prolonged. For example, the moratorium on on-site audits of SME (with some exceptions) was extended until the end of 2022,” Vera Barinova says.