Stepan Zemtsov, Senior researcher, Innovation Economics Department of the Gaidar Institute, took part in the workshop “Winter Island” for specialists in digital economy held in Sochi on December 2-3 with support of the University 20.35, ASI, RVC, PwC, etc.
Issues related to human resourcing for digital economy in Russia, entry of Russian technological companies to foreign markets and building an ecosystem to support startups, in particular, national network accelerator, were discussed during working sessions.

Stepan Zemtsov took part in ecosystemic track aimed at determination of goals and functionality of national network accelerator. Subtrack was dedicated to development of interregional acceleration.

Expert moderated two discussion clubs within framework of the event and delivered principal presentation.

The first discussion was dedicated to a topic, very popular at this conference: “Can robots grab work fr om people in Russia?”. Stepan Zemtsov underlined in his report that alarmist forecasts will hardly become a reality in the coming decade, however, he warned on the necessity of adaptation, ongoing education.

The second discussion focused on development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship “Where do entrepreneurs in Russia live well? How to create a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region? ”In recent years, issues of entrepreneurship development became more popular on  federal and regional agendas. The Strategy and corresponding national project have been developed. Presentation on entrepreneurial ecosystems of Russian regions was discussed in the course of the meeting. Participants tried to answer the following questions: wh ere are more favorable institutional conditions for development of entrepreneurship and startups in Russia; what regional factors determine development of entrepreneurship and startups; will it be possible to fulfill objectives of the corresponding national project?

Can robots and artificial intelligence grab work from people in Russia?
Where entrepreneurs live well in Russia? How to create a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region?