Sergey Drobyshevsky: The number one risk for the Russian Federation is the risk of new sanctions

Sergey Drobyshevsaky, Scientific Director of the Gaidar Institute, took part in the Coface Country Risk Conference 2019 which covered a broad range of economic issues and was held in Moscow on 19 April

According to Mr. Drobyshevsky, the number one risk faced by the Russian market in the current year is the risk of new sanctions. In the course of the panel discussion on the risks in various segments of the Russian domestic market, he noted that ‘it is no secret that the Russian economy has a number of pressure points. If sanctions are to target these very points, their impact on the national market could be very significant. <…> It should be specially noted that our market is influenced by economic trends in other countries: thus, for example, economic growth in China, a country with which Russia is trying to build partnership relations, is slowing down, which could reduce the expected profitability of such a partnership in the long run. The US budget deficit and domestic debt are on the rise, which can lead to new upheavals in the world economy’.

Within the framework of the conference, Coface experts put forth and explained some innovative methods for checking the reliability of counterparties, discussed the issue of arrears clearance, and exchanged their views on the current geopolitical tensions and their impact on the Russian market, as well as on the possible risks that can be faced by businesses in the current year.

The conference was attended by more than 140 delegates from Russian and international companies. In the course of the conference 14 speakers delivered their presentations.