Drobyshevsky Sergey M.

- Doctor of Economic Sciences, Scientific Director

Tel.: (495) 629-47-13
Fax: (495) 691-35-94
E-mail: dsm@iep.ru

Having graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University, diploma cum laudae in 1996, Sergey consequently earned his MA in economics at the Higher School of Economics (1996) and Erasmus University of Rotterdam (1996) and earned his PhD from the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (2000).
Doctor's dissertation "Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to the Monetary Policy in the Russian Federation" was defended at the Dissertation Council DM 520.011.01 of the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy (14 July, 2011).

Drobyshevsky recent training and research background also comprises:

  • IET-CEPRA Project on Regional Development in Russia
  • IET-TACIS Project 'Strategy of Economic Development of Kaliningrad Region for 15 years'
  • IET-CSD Working group on Tax and Public Expenditure, and Capital Control Reforms for the RF Ministry of Finance and the RF Ministry of Economic Development and Trade
  • IET-KNOW-HOW Fund 'Regional Financial Project'
  • Perspectives on Revival and Development of the Russian capital market (Cadogan Financial, Ltd.)
  • USAID-IET Projects 'Modelling the System of Financial Indicators in Russia', 'Macroeconomic and Institutional Problems of Financial Crisis in Russia and Post-Crisis Development. Policy Advice', 'Analysis of macroeconomic and institutional problems of financial crisis in Russia. Interactions between financial and real sectors. Development of a programme aiming at the crisis overcome and financial stabilisation', 'Monetary policy in the post-crisis economy'.
  • PhD course in Tinbergen Institute (Rotterdam, the Netherlands), TACIS Programme.
  • Russian Fund for Legal Reforms grant on research 'Legal Support of Economic Reform (Financial Markets)'
  • IET-KNOW-HOW Fund Programme, Training at University of Birmingham, Department of Economics (U. K.)
  • IET-KNOW-HOW Fund Programme, Training at Inland Revenue (London, U. K.)
  • Training in banking and international finance at Amsterdam Academy of Banking and Finance (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).
  • 'LogoVAZ' grant on research 'The Real Exchange Rate of the Ruble in 1992 - 1995'.
  • Ministry of Economy of Russia, Department of Structural Policy.
  • Festo Didactic KG, Department of Marketing (Esslingen, Germany).

Since 1996, Sergey Drobyshevsky has joined IET as Researcher, Department of Macroeconomics and Finance 

Drobyshevsky key qualifications comprise

  • Macroeconomic analysis of the Russian economy
  • Monetary policy, inflationary processes, exchange rate regimes, public debt management, banking.
  • Russian financial markets and financial crises.
  • Econometrics and time-series analysis.
  • Monthly and annual overviews on macroeconomy, monetary policy and financial markets in Russia 

His recent publications are:

Scientific editing

Drobyshevsky speaks:

English, German, French, Ukrainian