Irina Starodubrovskaya, Head of Center for Political Economy and Regional Development, spoke on October 11th at the scientific-practical conference “Development of mountainous areas”, held in Makhachkala at the Dagestan State Institute of National Economy.
Expert expressed her opinion on the development of mountainous areas. Irina Starodubrovskaya highlighted: "This is not the first meeting in Dagestan dedicated to this issue. Mountains have a competitive advantage however it is not possible to give economic sense to geographic meaning “mountains” however there are areas in the mountains having different economic conditions”.

According to Irina Starodubrovskaya, it is suggested to divide geographic mountainous area into two spatial ones, middle and high altitude within strategy of Dagestan development." At the same time, we are not prepared so far to tell the height of middle and high altitude but one should understand that since cities represent development centers that have competitive advantages in attracting youth. Nevertheless, this process is manageable and we have to realize the advantage of the mountainous territories, but in order to do this, first of all, it is critical to create comfortable living conditions, "the expert said. 
Vladimir Vasiliev, Head of the Republic of Dagestan, Sergey Chebotarev, Minister of North Caucasus Affairs of the Russian Federation, representatives of regional Government, Parliament, representatives of ministries and agencies of the Republic, as well as federal and regional experts in the territorial development, took part in the conference.