Work of the Gaidar Forum –2012 “Russia and the World: 2012–2020”

On January 18-21, 2012, within the frameworks of the Gaidar Forum-2012 the international conference "Russia and the World: 2012-2020" organized by the Gaidar Institute and the Russian Presidential Academy under the auspices of the Y. Gaidar Fund was held. The Conference was dedicated to the discussion of the results of the work of the expert group on upgrading of the Strategy of Social and Economic Development of Russia till 2020 (the Strategy 2020 Program).

The Conference was held in the form of plenary discussions and expert "round tables" where participants presented and discussed their understanding of the main trends and challenges of the innovation development and modernization of Russia. Moderators and participants in plenary discussions were representatives of the Government of the Russian Federation, heads of a number of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and prominent Russian and foreign economists and public figures.