Volumes 4 and 5 of Collected Works by E.T. Gaidar Have Come Out

The Press Department of Gaidar Institute informs that volume 4 and 5 of Collected Works by E.T. Gaidar (Moscow, Publishing House "Delo", Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, 2012. - 840 p., 600 p.) came out.

  Volume 4 of the Collected Works contains the works written by E.T. Gaidar  in the last years of his life: Collapse of an Empire: Lessons for Modern Russia,   Economic notes (coauthored with A.B. Chubais),  Disturbances and Institutions, Forked Roads  in Modern History of Russia  (coauthored with A.B. Chubais). They are aimed at learning economical history lessons which main task are solving the most current issues of the modern Russia's development and analyzing the practical experience of domestic economy reformation.

Volume 5 of the Collected Works includes articles both individually written by E.T. Gaidar and coauthored ones. These articles were written during the period from late 1970-s till 1991, when the radical reforms providing Russia's transit to the market economy started. These works most vividly represent what the economy of that period was like, its most acute problems, and attempts to offer mechanisms of handling them.
The author's views evolution can be traced through these works. The early works are written in the traditional style of economy management analysis which was typical for the Soviet academic science. The later ones are characterized by the active and actual objectivation of problems the country faced in the conditions of the Soviet system crisis.