Volume 8 of the Yegor Gaidar Collected Works Has Come Out

Volume 8 of the Yegor Gaidar Collected Works has come out (Moscow: Delo Publishing House, RANEPA, 2014 – p.768).


The Gaidar government and his teammates were criticized for insufficient explanation to people of the content and goals of decisions they made and the purpose of reforms of the Russian economy. Yegor Gaidar admitted that fact himself in his reports. However, he personally can hardly be criticized for that: he was always glad to meet with journalists and would give interviews in different conditions -- in his office, in a plane and during a break at a scientific conference – and never spared time to bring his ideas, plans and even doubts to people. As a result, those materials take three volumes.

The volumes includes interviews given by Y. Gaidar in the 1991-1998 period.