Vladimir Nazarov: pension formula - 10 Commandments

On February 15, Head of the Department of Budget Federalism of the Gaidar Institute Vladimir Nazarov spoke at the X Krasnoyarsk economic forum at the meeting "The new pension system: the strategy of the state and citizens' choice," with the report "Pension Reform - the first steps of a long journey". 


Vladimir Nazarov also acted as the moderator of the meeting "The path to effective health care - to motivate or to force" on February 16.
The participants discussed ways to increase the efficiency of the health system. The following proposals were considered: 1) increasing competition among health care organizations by involving the private sector in the compulsory health insurance system through the establishment of medium-term tariffs for medical services and the inclusion of depreciation of fixed assets in the tariff of compulsory health insurance; 2) regional focus in the development of health care orders; 3) working out approaches to encourage citizens to take care of their health and comply with medical prescriptions, including through the development of voluntary health insurance and the introduction of medical bills savings, 4) improving the system of evaluation of medical technologies and drugs.