Unplaced Defense Order Is Unlikely to Be Executed

On the last Sunday of November, an ambiguous situation with the execution of the 2012 state defense order, due to the efforts of Russian TV central channels suddenly was shown under the new light which did not make it clearer but gave it additional shade.


Everything started from exclusive interview given by D. Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government and the Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission to the program "Segodnya" ("Today") in which he declared that the defense order, as of today, is performed by 94.3% ( see the respective part of the interview record from the 6.05 moment). This information is very encouraging as it approximately corresponds to its performance in 2011 for the whole year.

However, information given by the Deputy Prime Minister differs from what he told the president at the beginning of last week. It's worth reminding that at that time the same figures corresponded only to the share of placed defense order, and not to that of the executed one. As a matter of fact, execution of the order which was not placed, is not, so to say, impossible in principle, but is hardly to be done. It is even less probable that percentage of the order placement will have the coinciding figures (with the accuracy to the nearest tenth) with the percentage of its execution. Although the fact that the figures mentioned are the same everywhere is encouraging, the government seems to have felt the new principles of handling information and state statistics at last, which makes the tasks of civil control over them much simpler.

It is these principles that were discussed four hours later after the mentioned interview, at the very beginning of  programme by Vladimir Pozner , when the anchor reminded the viewers that his  guest Dmitry Rogozin does not hesitate to use them "in case of the state need" (1.00).

V.B. Zatsepin – candidate of military sciences, Head of Economics of the Military-Industrial Sector Department