The State, Research, and Business in Russia's Innovational System (press release)

The IET press service informs that a new research paper entitled "The State, Research, and Business in Russia's Innovational System" (№ 115) by I. Dezhina, V. Kiseleva was published in the series "Research papers" (M.: IET, 2008. - 227 p.).

This work is aimed at revealing possibilities and conditions which will help taking into consideration in Russia's scientific and innovation policy of new circumstances related to development and widenning of horizontal relations between state, science and business and with changing role of each one in the innovation process. Research findings demonstrated that the main direction in the state regulation in this sphere should become realization of multifunctional measures directed at simultaneous solution of several tasks: support of science, development of cooperation, R&D results commercialization.

The publication of the present paper was sponsored with the grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).