The Results of the Industry in 2011

In 2011, growth in industrial production was of a recovery nature with a return to the pre-crisis development curve and the effect of the base determined to a great extent the specifics of the dynamics throughout the year.
According to the data published by Rosstat, in 2011 the industrial production index on a year-to-year basis amounted to 104.7% against 108.2% in 2010. Slow-down of growth rates was registered in all the aggregated types of economic activities in industry and was determined by the structural specifics of the economic recovery. The index of growth in production of primary products amounted to 101.9% (in 2010 - 103.6%), in manufacturing, to 106.6% (111.8%) and in production and distribution of power, gas and water, to 100.1% (104.1%).


The dynamics of manufacturing is largely diversified by the type of economic activities. It is to be noted that the ratio between the rates of production of capital goods and consumer goods had a significant effect on the nature of recovery growth.


While the production of food products, leather, footwear, charred coal and oil products, chemical products, rubber products and plastics articles have exceeded the pre-crisis level, the production of cars, equipment and transportation vehicles, as well as production of metallurgical products are still below the 2008 level. With considerable fluctuations of growth rates by the type of activities of manufacturing industries, slow rates of recovery of the output of engineering industry were a dominating factor which had an adverse impact on the level of business activity of related industries as regards the output of structural materials and other types of intermediate goods.

О.I. Izryadnova, Head of the Structural Policy Department