The presentation and discussion of Dmitri Travin’s books – “How the State is getting Wealthy…” and “Why Has Russia Lagged Behind?” will be held at the Gaidar Institute’s Conference Hall at 18:00 on September 21.  

We live in the world where archaism rushes in. What is doubted and dismantled at times is the model of existence of the world which suggests normal development.  However, can efforts to replace modernization with demodernization be successful? Can modernity be canceled in the 21st century? First, we should understand how the world becomes modern owing to modernization.
In his book “How the State is Getting Wealthy…”, Dmitri Travin, Academic Director of the Center for Modernization Studies of the European University, St. Petersburg shows how the best minds in historical sociology explained the logic of changes and revolutions and answered the questions why some countries were rich, while other were poor and why democracies succeeded autocracies and empires collapsed. In his book “Why Has Russia Lagged Behind?”, Dmitri Travin analyses the reasons for which other countries made a breakthrough and how it can explain the failures of those which lagged behind.           

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Andrei Kolesnikov, Member of the Yegor Gaidar Fund’s Governing Board, Gaidar Prize Winner for contribution to the study of history will be an interlocutor and moderator of the meeting.

Sponsors of the presentation — The Yegor Gaidar Fund and the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy.

The venue: 3-5 Gazetny Lane, Constr. 1, Floor 1, Entrance 11.  

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