The IEP Has Held Seminars on Building of General Equilibrium Model

On 26–29 July, the Gaidar Institute held a series of scientific seminars on building of a general equilibrium model.

The seminars were organized and held by the Gaidar Institute and RANEPA International Laboratory of Budget Stability Research headed by L. Kotlikoff, Professor of the Boston University.

The seminars were dedicated to building of the model with overlapping generations of the global economy with the energy sector and assessment of an impact of consequences of alternative measures of the economic policy against global warming. Also, within the frameworks of the seminars, researchers discussed new assessments of the budget gap for the Russian economy, alternative scenarios of exit of the Russian economy from the crisis, as well as measures required for ensuring sustained economic growth.

Andrei Zubarev, Kristina Nesterova, Evgeny Goryunov – researchers of the International Laboratory of Budget Stability Research – and Andrei Polbin, Head of the Macroeconomic Modeling Department of the Gaidar Institute took part in seminar sessions.