The Gaidar Institute experts took part in the “Lomonosov-2024” International Scientific Conference of young scientists

On April 15, 2024, experts of the Gaidar Institute’s Department of Mathematical Modeling of Economic Processes -- Alexey Zamnius, Deni Sugaipov and Anastasia Pankratova -- took part in the "Lomonosov-2024" International Scientific Conference of Students, Postgraduate Students and Young Scientists. The Lomonosov Conference’s main objectives are to promote young scientists’ creative activity, engage them in solution of pressing challenges of modern science, preserve and develop a single international scientific and educational space and establish contacts between future colleagues.

At the conference, Alexey Zamnius presented a report on assessing the household life cycle model in Russia. In his report, Alexey Zamnius described the mechanisms of transmission of permanent and transitive shocks to the trajectories of consumption and hours worked by spouses, and also presented relevant estimates.

Deni Sugaipov delivered a report on the topic: “The Analysis of Correlation between Inequality and Environmental Pollution in Russia’s Regions.” In his report, he noted that the regions of the Russian Federation were characterized by huge differences as regards the level of income and the level of environmental load. Deni Sugaipov suggested that the impact of income inequality on air pollutant emissions should be assessed on the subsamples of regions based on the share of mineral extraction in GRP.

Anastasia Pankratova made a presentation: “Forecasting Key Macroeconomic Indicators with Use of DMA and DMS Models.” In her report, Anastasia Pankratova touched upon the use of dynamic averaging (DMA) and dynamic selection (DMS) models for making forecasts.