The Founding Conference of the Association of Economic Clubs of Russia

On October 17, the founding conference of the Association of Economic Clubs of Russia – a federal network of youth expert communities established for participation in discussion of issues of social and economic development of Russia and the world – was held at the Gaidar Institute.

The conference was sponsored by the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy, the RANEPA and the Moscow State Institute for Foreign Relations (MGIMO).


The Association includes 20 student research clubs which represent the leading departments of economics and management of Higher Education Establishments of the Russian Federation. The Association's key goal is establishment in Russia of a community of globally competitive young professionals in economics and management. Representatives of the expert community, state authorities and business were invited to take part in the conference.

The first day of the conference took place at the Gaidar Institute. The participants in the founding conference of the Association received welcome letters from prominent Russian economists. Аlexei Kudrin, Former Finance Minister of Russia and Chairman of the Committee of Civil Initiatives supported the goals set by the Association. Vladimir Mau, Rector of the RANEPA stated the following in his letter: "Economic workshops and clubs are traditionally important to Russia; many prominent economists of the present day came from such workshops which emerged in the 1980s. Availability of different points of view and treatment of opponents' views with respect are particularly important for such communities. The higher diversity of establishments of higher education and points of view within the frameworks of the Association, the more interesting the work of young economists will be".

October 17, the Gaidar Institute


Gathering of participants


Plenary session

  • Address by representatives of the Association’s Board of Trustees and Scientific Council
  • Address by representatives of clubs and guests




Debates: “Education 2.0. The Competence Which Graduates of Higher Education Establishments Need at Present”




Debates: “Regional Measurement of the Russian Economy”

Presentation of the Student Model of the Meeting of the Heads of Regions “Attraction of Foreign Investments into Russian Regions”




Debate: “The Economy of Happiness”


Non-formal communications of the Association’s participants


October 18, the RANEPA and the MGIMO

Master-classes on forming up of work of youth expert communities, trainings, meetings with leading Russian economists and presentation of projects of the Associations' participants.