The Consortium for Economic Policy Research and Advice (CEPRA)

The Consortium for Economic Policy Research and Advice (CEPRA) is a project of cooperation and technical assistance sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The project is being carried out by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), working in conjunction with experts in academia, government and the non-governmental sector in both Canada and the Russian Federation.

A ten person Russian-Canadian Advisory Board (AB) acts as CEPRA’s main decision making body. The AB sets the overall direction for CEPRA activities. Six AB members form an Executive Committee, whose role is to help AB members with the project approval and implementation process and to advise on the overall conduct of CEPRA activities. The CEPRA management structure includes a project team working at AUCC headquarters in Ottawa and a coordinator based in Moscow.

Bios for CEPRA's Advisory Board, Executive Committee, and Project Team:
Fred GorbetMikhail Prusak
Harvey LazarOlga Makarova
Carl McMillan Yegor Gaidar
Harry SwainSergey Sinelnikov-Murilev
Gordon Smith Andrey Tatarinov
John ColemanVladimir Mau

Advisory Board have approved the new research program for years 2003-2004
  1. Sectoral and Regional Specifics of Reformation of Unitary Enterprises in Russia (Director - Batkibekov S.)
  2. Factors of Economic Growth in Regions (Director - Entov R.)
  3. Bankruptcy in Russia: Formation of the Institution of Bankruptcy and its Regional Specifics (Director - Radygin A.)
  4. Institutional Development and Investment Climate in Russian Regions (Director - Radygin A.)
  5. New environmental policy and provisions for Kyoto Protocol implementation in Russia: economic end environmental outcome; linkage between local and global environmental improvements (Director - Vishnevsky A.)
  6. Prospects of Migration and Ethnic Development in Russia and the Need to Take Those Prospects into Account in Development of National Strategic (Long-Term) Development Guidelines (Director - Danilov-Daneliyan V.)

Completed projects

Technical Assistance

In response to requests made by CEPRA's Russian Partner, several technical assistance missions have been carried out in the framework of the project. In the summer of 2002, Canadian expert's produced policy papers on "Russian Business Incubator Program: Phase One Prospects, Development & Strategic Plan", "Recommendation on the Development of a Municipal Database for Sochi" and "Institutional Foundation of Investment Process in the City of Tuymen". Other technical assistance missions have supported Russian researchers working on legislation in the area of interbudgetary relations for the 2001 and 2002 fiscal exercises. In the spring of 2000, Canadian experts produced policy papers on "Canadian Experience with Deregulation" and "Railway Deregulation in Canada", drawing on their background in dealing with similar issues in the Canadian context as former senior civil servants.

CEPRA Results