The 2009 Diploma Theses Contest

The IET has concluded the 2009 Diploma Theses Contest Results and congratulates the victors!


Having reviewed all the diploma theses submitted for the contest, the Commission ruled not to award the First Prize. Two second prizes went to Irek Akhunyanov (RES) for his paper "The level of corporate transparency and the financial crisis 2007–2009" and Oxana Anikovich (Novosibirsk State University) for the paper "Social networks as a factor of an individual’s credit behavior".

The third prizes went to Olga Sergeeva (St. Petersburg State University) for the paper "Research into the bi-currency basket of the Central Bank of Russia by the aggregate exchange theory method", Medegma Budazhanaeva (Buryatsky State University) for the paper "The model of the integral estimate of the quality of a regional economy’s development (exemplified by the Republic of Buryatia)" and Eugeniya Chalaya (the Institute of the Mathematics and Computer Science of the Far-Eastern State University) for the paper "Building the correspondence matrix for the transport network of the city of Vladivostok".

Our congratulations!