Stepan Zemtsov, Senior Researcher, Innovation Economy Department of the Gaidar Institute, delivered presentations in the course of XVIII All-Russia Forum “Strategic planning in Russian regions” held in St. Petersburg on October 28-29.
Forum of strategists is organized in St. Petersburg since 2002 and became the main site for discussion of methods and mechanisms of strategic planning of cities and regions of the Russian Federation. This year, issues of implementation of national projects were somehow tackled at every section of the Forum.
Stepan Zemtsov moderated the round table “National projects and public demand” dedicated to discussion of public attitude in certain regions and municipalities towards development priorities, accordance of these priorities to scientific vision on true wellbeing and real progress, reflection of these priorities in national projects and strategic documents.
Participants arrived at a conclusion that federal documents rather take into account global trends and goals and regional and municipal strategies should focus on interests of local citizens. At the same time, national projects have not been completely localized across territories and local authorities and population have often poor understanding of tasks and opportunities set by national projects.
Stepan Zemtsov also took part in the work of section “Territories and digitalization: new quality of living” where opportunities of digital transformation of the Russian territories were discussed. In the course of the meeting, expert submitted results of research on social risks of digital economy.
Expert discussion “Regional smart specialization”: how to define it and how to reach it” was dedicated to theoretic and applied results of introduction of this concept. In his speech, Stepan Zemtsov delivered a presentation “Smart specialization of Russian regions” and highlighted underestimation of experience of sociological research and opinion of regional community including informal sector.

Presentations are available at the following links:

Social risks of digital economy

Smart specialization of Russian regions