Sergey Tsukhlo: Import Substitution Will Remain for a Rather Long Time on the Economic, and Probably Political, Agenda

The Analytical Center Observo under the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry released its Yearbook Russia 2016, which incorporates an article by Head of the Business Surveys Department of the IEP Sergey Tsukhlo Import Substitution: Myths and Reality.

The article analyses how the import substitution policy influences the real sector of the Russian economy. The Yearbook was presented on October 10.

Yearbook Russia is a major publishing project designed to present expert estimations of a broad range of aspects of the current situation in Russia: economics; domestic policy and society; the regions; foreign and defense policies; Franco-Russian relations. This unique publication is a collection of papers by more than fifty eminent experts offering full analytical coverage of present-day Russia.