Sergey Prihodko, Executive Director of the Gaidar Institute, moderated session “Russian economy. Opportunities for advanced development” at the IV annual Moscow Financial Forum.
MFF-13.09.19_SVP.jpg Business session embraced the topic: “Development prospects of alcohol industry. How to find balance of interests among state, business and consumers?”
MFF-13.09.19_SVP.jpgSession was attended by Elena Afanasenko, Deputy Director, Rosalcoholregulirovanie, Evgeny Druzhinin, Director, Shareholding company “Kyzliar brandy distillery”, Sergey Riabukhin,  Chairman, Council of Federation Budget and Financial Markets Committee, Aleksey Kedrin, Vice-President on cooperation with state authorities and corporate relations, “Baltika” Brewery, Igor Kosarev, President of Union of alcohol producers, Aleksey Sazanov, Director, Department of tax and customs policy, Ministry of Finances of Russia, Pavel Shvets,  President, Industrial complex “Agricultural cooperative Terruar” (Uppa Winery).  
In recent years, changes of legislation in the field of alcohol market regulation are aimed at combating the “gray market” of alcohol products, simplifying administration and developing domestic production. At the same time, proposed decisions are based on compliance with balance between promoting development of the alcohol industry, consumers’ interests and maintaining role of the state as its regulator.
Participants discussed whether measures proposed by the Government to combat “gray market” seem to be efficient. Is import substitution feasible at the alcohol market? Are proposed measures sufficient for the large-scale development of domestic winemaking?
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