Seminar with Vietnamese Economists

On October 7, a scientific seminar with Vietnamese economists took place at the Gaidar Institute.
Discussed at the seminar were such issues as the role and place of Russia in the global economy, problems related to transit to the market economy in Russia in the past years, the strategy of the social and economic development of Russia in the new era, as well as the new thinking on economic development in Russia.

The meeting was attended by the following employees of the Gaidar Institute: Sergei Prikhodko, Executive Director, Alexei Vedev, Director of the Structural Research Center, Pavel Trunin, Head of the Monetary Policy Department, Vladimir Nazarov, Head of the Budget Federalism Department, Olga Izryadnova, Head of the Structural Policy Department, Nadezhda Volovik, Head of the Foreign Trade Department and Sergei Tagor, Head of the International Department.


The Vietnamese side was represented by the following representatives of the Hanoi University of the National Economy: Prof. Nguyen Van Nam, Doctor of Economics, Prof. Luong Xuan Quy, Doctor of Economics, Prof. Hoang Van Hoa, Doctor of Economics, Prof. Mai Ngoc Cuong, Doctor of Economics, Prof. Do Duc Binh, Doctor of Economics, Assistant Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Son, Doctor of Economics, Ho Thi Hai Yen, Doctor of Economics, Trinh Mai Van, Doctor of Economics, as well as Prof. Luong Xuan Quy, Doctor of Economics from the Institute of Central Governance of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Dau Thi Thuy Huong from the State Treasury.


Both the sides have agreed to hold such seminars on a regular basis.