Seminar on Forecasting Development of the Pension System in Russia

On September 28,  2012, Vladimir Nazarov, Head of the Budget Federalism Department  of the Gaidar Institute took part in the scientific seminar dedicated to forecasting of development of the pension system in the Russian Federation.

The seminar was held at The Center for Strategic Development Fund. The participants in the seminar stressed the importance of additional research as  regards the following:  analysis of long-term trends in the level of employment of the elderly people, their requests and opportunities of participating in programs of voluntary postponement of the retirement age, analysis of  employment of the population in the informal sector of the economy, as well as analysis of a redistribution effect of  the mechanism of supplemental payments to the subsistence level of pensioners.

Yelena Grishina, Senior Researcher of the Social Policy Center at the Russian presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration presented the methods of calculation of the key parameters of the Russian pension system in different scenarios of its development; the above methods are based on the model of the pension system of the Russian Federation developed by the Gaidar Institute.

Also, M.E. Dmitriyev, President of the Center for Strategic Research, T.G Omelchuyk, Expert of the Center for Strategic Research and E.T. Gurvich, Research Manager of the Economic Expert Group took part in the seminar.